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2nd Blog entry

Well, 6 weeks later and I am finally writing my 2nd blog entry. I am planning on updating it much more frequently, sorry it has taken so long! Due to the time spent getting the website live and a heavy workload the last 6 weeks, the blog has been low priority. In this entry, I’m going to tell you a little bit about what’s been going on with our business.

Since the last update, the two houses we had on the market have sold, we bought a house in Windcrest, and we are waiting to hear back on an offer we put in to purchase another house. We’re really excited to get started on the Windcrest house. It’s on a quiet, well-kept, cul-de-sac and will be very desirable when the remodeling is complete. The offer we are waiting to hear back on is a court-ordered sale and there is a hearing next week. Hopefully we get it because it’s a great house!

We did have an offer out to buy a 3rd house, but the owner owes a little bit more on the mortgage than we thought, so we’ll have to up our offer a little bit to get the house. We still want the house, but the numbers are pretty tight. This week we’re going to meet our contractor to see if the remodeling costs fit in the budget. The house does need a lot of work, so if we can’t get it done within the budget, we’ll have to pass.

We have also had two other houses under construction during this time. Usually our houses are remodeled and on the market with four to six weeks, but these two jobs are not our usual jobs. I’ll update you guys on these houses next week. If you want to know more about them in the meantime, you can check them out on the website’s “Homes For Sale” page in the “Coming Soon” section. Thanks for reading!


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