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February 2012 Entry

Hello and welcome to Hausman Homebuyers’s first blog update for 2012!  Since the last entry, we have been working hard on our houses in Terrell Hills and in Alamo Heights.  Our third project, a new home in Alamo Heights, is scheduled to get started in the next couple of weeks. 

In this entry we are going to tell you about our house on Montclair Avenue in Alamo Heights.  According to the Bexar County Appraisal District (BCAD), the original footprint of this home was 872 square feet and was built in 1939.  BCAD also lists an additional area of 520 square feet to bring the total footage of the house to 1392.  Based on the materials used, we assume this addition was done sometimes in the mid 1980’s.  Below is a photo of exterior of the home just after we purchased it.


 Due to the poor condition of the house, its size, and high property values in the area, we decided that the best investment strategy would be to completely remodel the house and add more living space.  We would begin by getting plans drawn, obtaining permits, and completely gutting the house.  Here is a video shot on January 20th that shows the demolition stage and details the project a little more.

  You may have noticed in the video that the house has a pier and beam foundation.  So, after gutting the house, we added the necessary piers for the new living area and began re-framing the house.

 This photo is from the very beginning of the framing stage:


In this photo, you can see the concrete piers that were added for the new living area:


 We are now nearly finished with the frame and cornice (installing windows, siding, and all the exterior features of the house) stages.  The next steps include painting the exterior, roughing-in the home (plumbing, electric and air), installing the roof, insulating the house, and the interior finish-out.  To complete the project, we will build a carport, pour the driveway, and build a back patio for entertaining.  Below is the most current photo of the house.

 Well that’s it for now; we hope you enjoyed this entry!  The next entry will have a quick update on this project and detail our other extensive remodeling project in Terrell Hills.  Thanks for reading!


 Lazar Hausman

President, Hausman Homebuyers

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